What is the difference between a good and a bad helmet reflector?

What looks simple at first glance is not on closer inspection. Firstly, since the cyclist's head is not in the centre of car headlights, a high quality reflector with maximum reflectivity is required. This means that more than 90 percent of all reflectors for bicycle helmets on the market are out of the game. Reason: They use glass bead reflection technology, and thus do without approx. 80 percent of the reflection power compared to microprismatic retro-reflectors.
Secondly, there are lots of different types of helmet designs - road bike helmets with narrow bridges or commuter helmets, with large surfaces. The reflector should really fit on the helmet, adapt to the three-dimensional contours and use the available surfaces. Without the art of scissor-cutting. Here the last 10 percent of the competitors say goodbye to the race.

FLECTR REFLECTIVE HELMET KITS are especially designed to fit cycling headgear. The only reflective accessories for bike helmets on the market which come with high-grade microprismatic technology, different designs for all helmets styles and perfect 3D fit.

Check out our new range of reflective helmet kits and enjoy your ride!

Your FLECTR-team

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