FLECTR CLIP multipurpose reflectors

  • FLECTR CLIP – More visibility for bikers, joggers and pedestrians.
    Just clip one of these reflectors under your bike saddle, attach it magnetically to your clothing or simply slip it over the strap of your commuter bag.
    Delivery content:

    1 reflector of your choice (saddle mount, magnetic mount or strap mount)
    • various designs
    • High-grade microprismatic technology
    • reflective on both sides
    • virtually indestructible
    • fits into any wallet (saddle mount & magnetic mount)
  • FLECTR CLIP comes in different designs  – recommended use:
    • Saddle mount version fits every common bike saddle with rails. Front: orange-red, back: silver
    • Magnetic mount version for clothing, such as sports jerseys and thin coats. Comes with counter magnet. Front: orange, back: silver
    • Strap mount version fits any webbing up to 52 mm (2") width. Only for detachable straps. Front: fluor lime, back: silver


FLECTR CLIP for saddle mount is is the ideal rear reflector for almost any bike. We have chosen a special color (neon red-orange) for this reflector. It reflects almost twice the amount of light as classic red. Its backside reflects silver, like all other CLIPs. The magnetic CLIP is a little workhorse. With its strong built-in magnet, it can be worn on any clothing, (a counter-magnet is supplied), or attached to bike bags and steel surfaces. Front color: fluorescent lime green or orange, back: silver. The strap mount version fits any webbing up to 52 mm (2") width. Front color: fluorescent lime green, back: silver.