FLECTR GREEN DISC chain care set

  • FLECTR GREEN DISC – eco-friendly chain care with ease.
 GREEN DISC is the smart & eco-friendly tool for the basic care of your bike chain. Small, refillable and super easy to handle. It just takes a few sconds and your bike is ready for the next trip. Together with our BIO CHAIN LUBE you get a chain care system that could not be more eco-friendly.

    Delivery content:

    1 chain care tool including carrying case and 1 bottle FLECTR BIO CHAIN LUBE (50ml)
    • Small & easy to handle
    • Leak-proof & refillable
    • No messing of the hands
    • Suitable for all bicycle chains
    • Biodegradable plant-based lube
  • FLECTR GREEN DISC stores oil in its microporous and fluid-conducting rotating lubricator. The special design ensures that the lubricator wheel rotates under slight pressure on the chain and delivers the oil reliably and evenly to your chain. Simply press it onto your chain and let your crank rotate backwards.Within seconds your bike is ready for the next trip!